Babies and toddlers who come to our classes can have their own visit from a Movers and Shakers teacher to help them celebrate a special day. Whether it’s a birthday, christening, Christmas party or any other occasion we’d love to come and keep your child and their friends entertained.

Our basic party package costs just ninety pounds. It consists of a forty minutes Movers and Shakers session for up to twenty children, specially planned to include your child’s favourite songs.

For more than 20 children or for a party held in a large hall or an open space, we charge a little extra to cover the cost of a microphone system or an assistant party leader.

Please get in touch with me to book your Movers and Shakers party as early as possible to make sure you get your choice of date, time and party leader.

A recent review for a movers and shakers party- Simona Bennett, Mum of Lola, Southgate November this year:

“If you are having a party for your child then Erica is the person you need! She was absolutely fantastic at my daugther, Lola’s second birthday party. Every child got involved and had fun, even if they hadn’t attended one of Erica’s fabulous weekly movers and shakers sessions before. Lola couldn’t contain her excitement at having Erica’s puppet friend Benjy visit her at home. Erica was so professional and ensured everyone felt included. Thank you so much Erica, you are a star!!”